Since 2005 we have been helping to create new narratives, rich with artistic and cultural diversity. At it’s core, YOCA’s mission is to enrich, develop and bring together communities, companies and individuals, using theatre, performance and story-telling as an accessible platform.  We believe everyone has a story to tell.

This year we grew our vision to include everybody. We’ve changed our name, grown up a little bit, and launched a new site. Fio intends to take all of the great things that YOCA has achieved, and help even more people tell their stories. Visit and start your story with us.


We achieve this by providing training, artistic opportunities and access to industry professionals, through a variety of ongoing programmes and projects. We want our participants to explore the creative arts as a tool to empower, and enhance their lives, and others around them, and give opportunities to those who may not have access to such resources.

Organisations who support our work include:

  • National Theatre Wales
  • BBC
  • Wales Millennium Centre

As well as various charities, local authorities and commercial businesses.


YOCA delivers work across three core strands: Projects, Productions and People.

Offers a very real opportunity for individuals to create and change their personal narrative. We look to engage with young people and individuals on the fringes of society using the art of telling stories through theatre, performance and other platforms and help open the door to interesting new chapters in their lives.

Aims to produce high quality film and theatre content, telling the stories that might otherwise be left unheard.

Is still very early in it’s conception. It will support individuals who want to take their training and experience at YOCA, or elsewhere to the next level. It will exist as a creative agency, providing a stepping stone for those wanting to work in the industry as creative professionals.


For potential participants
If you like what you read and want to get involved in any of our projects please get in touch.

For potential partners and commissioners
If you would like to talk to us about how we could work together get in touch.

For businesses and the commercial sector
If you want to invest in a great cause and help to develop young people and reach their potential then get in touch.
We can in turn provide you with bespoke opportunities to your employees to come and volunteer on our projects, invite you to our events and offer you workshops which will be delivered by teams including the young people/ participants you have helped develop!



YOCA is now Fio. Don’t worry, we are still holding onto the same values, with stories at the heart of what we do. You can find out more about the changes by visiting:

Everyone has a story to tell, and each individual is as important as the next. Together, Fio makes work that celebrates individuality, tearing down stereotypes and offering everybody – whatever their story – a chance to make their mark in the world.

Belong. Create. Grow.